How a 4 Axis CNC Router Can Be Helpful For An Automobile Company

Protec Automotive is a renowned business in Finland where the customers get customizing spare parts for automobiles. The company introduces fresh innovations in a fully functioning vehicle to enhance its performance and usability. Over the years, it has grabbed considerable attention of the commercial as well as domestic automobile owners with its precise advancements on the automobile design.

The employee-owned company contacted Omni Tech for a perfect solution to come up with the metallic enhancements of the vehicles. From transport hatch to partition tilt, every single concern needed apt solution. The only way to achieve the desired precision is via the 4 Axis CNC Router manufactured by Omni Tech.

About 4 Axis CNC Router

The specific CNC Router is capable of delivering exquisite craftsmanship to prepare complicated designs within a very short span of time. Omni Tech is an ISO 9001:2015 company that has been delivering the righteous wood and metal carving solutions to its clients. 

The 4 Axis CNC Router is a one of a kind metal cutting and carving machine operated with the aid of a CAD programming platform. The user can easily improvise it to cut out letters, carvings, intricate designs, signage, cutouts, etc by simply inputting a program based on the requirement. 

Benefits of Using 4 Axis CNC Router

The Finnish representatives visited the company and gave a trial run to check the functionality of the machine. The versatile machine is pretty to handle due to its display and easy-to-understand keyboard panel. Protec Automotive utilizes a wide range of applications of the machine to come up with customized automobile parts. 

Just by feeding specific programming, the CAD platform is capable of controlling 4 Axis CNC Router to create a desired design of cutouts, logo, carvings, symbols, etc from a metal sheet. The CNC Router took few minutes to cut out the logo of the Finnish company with excellent finish with minimum scrap production. 

Easy Creation of Complex And Beautiful Designs

The efficiency and efficacy of the CNC Router has revolutionized the productivity of the client’s company. Indeed, the 4 Axis CNC Router can help to carve out any of the complicate or delicate design without hassles. Its interactive user interface reads the programming well and enables a user to create a metal cutout with an impeccable finish. The machine is all poised to benefit the company even more with its minimum production time and exclusive perfection. You can also infuse pace and precision to your business; all you need is to approach OMNI CNC and purchase your craved 4 Axis CNC Router.


How CNC Engraving Machine is Useful in Interior Decoration?

With the help of a CNC engraving machine, you cancreate interesting patterns and figures on hard surfaces. It comprises manual as well as mechanical engravers ranging from special CNC computer to Pantographs. If you are looking to perform chemical processes such as etchings on the floor, it would assist in accomplishing the task. The fully automated machine plays a very important role in eliminating manual inaccuracies and ensuring precision of the highest order.

Multifarious Applications

You can leverage this sophisticated CNC machine to create state of art contemporary designs such as roll and combinational dies. Due to all round capabilities of the machine, the mere imagination of the artists can help them come out with a flurry of entrancing designs. This modern engraving machine creates amazing reliefs on the sculptures with impeccable precision hence accentuating the appearance of the interiors. 

 Moreover, with the help of CNC engraving machine, it is easier to perform flat bottom engraving, cutting, and relief embossments with minimum effort. If you are looking to accentuate the granite counter tops, use the device to carve out beautiful design. Irrespective of the surface, the device works with aplomb and can transform the piece of PVC, aluminum plate and bamboo material into an ensemble of art. Since the machine looks after all the heavy-duty work, you simply need to sit back and relax.

It holds the capability to engrave different sets of materials such as wood, marble and plastic hence allowing multiple options for the artists to highlight their creations. The motifs thus created blend with the room ambience and captures the attention of the people instantly. The color and texture of the background and sculpted elements gel well into a seamless design frame. 

A Befitting Example Of Cnc Engraving Machine

As you could see, the image here gives a great example of the use of CNC engraving machine. It resembles a large ship highlighting various contours in a mesmerizing way. Mast flying, the deck and the different floors of the ship imbibe a natural and adventurous experience. In fact, the wooden structure comes to life with the intuitive pattern that seems to spring into life at any point of time.

One of the most important attributes of the CNC engraving machine is the finishing it imparts to every facet of the creation. The wooden ship picture is a perfect decorative element that can either be placed at office or home. Speed of operation of the machine is next to none and it never falters on accuracy. With the sound amalgamation of mechanical and computer parts, the manufacturers have devised a new tool to resolve diverse range of problems. You simply need to program the machine and leave the rest of the work on its functioning. Amazing isn’t it?

Creating 2D and 3D art is the forte of the CNC engraving machine and it is evident by the quality of the output. You can mix traditional and contemporary themes not only on the floor but also ceilings. Buying this machine is highly advisable as it completely frees the professional to focus on the creative aspects of the task. The highly intelligent control system of the machine takes care of all the rest of the work.


CNC Engraving Machine – Taking you to a New Era of Art Work

The CNC engraving machine is mainly used for carving and cutting grooves on a surface. Some of the most common types of engravings are hand engraving and mechanical engravings such as computer engravers, pantographs, CNC engravings etc. In addition, it is also effective in carrying out some more types of chemical etching and photographic processes. With the introduction of these machines,workload on the employees has reduced as the machine can efficiently make all the necessary engravings on surfaces.This machine can make sophisticated designs like roll dies combinational dies, steel molds, embossing dies etc. Moreover, it can cut through any type of material like wood, marble, plastic, limestone, etc.

CNC engraving machines are capable of producing exciting designs with explicit attention to details. The relief sculpture in the picture above is one such eminent example of the precision work carried out by this machine. Usually, relief is referred to as a sculpture technique where both the background and the sculpted elements are of same material. The word ‘relief’ is taken from Latin verb ‘relevo’, which means ‘to raise’. Hence, a relief sculpture appears as if the sculpted material is raised above the plane background.

The true intricacy of this carved out work lies in the efforts the artist has put into it, showing every cut and corner in a mesmeric way.Notice the sea, the boats on it, the fish sailing in parallel to the boats and the sun shining brightly with its rays scattered all around. It is all too much to depict in a single relief sculpture work; indeed, only CNC engraving machine could inflict such a vivacious change in an otherwise lifeless wooden surface.

This is again an inspiring example of a relief sculpture from Thailand where the artist has used the CNC engraving machine with painstaking perfection to carve out the image of an eminent personality. From the figure to the frame like design, every detail is simply perfect, with exceptional finishing. The work in itself is ready enough to be used as a decorative piece in your office or at home, without doing any additional touchup. This has been made possible only because of this machine. 

Hence, if you also want your customers to decorate such masterpieces in their home, it is high time to purchase these wonder machines. From programming to designing and from carving to finishing, the CNC engraving machine takes care of every minute thing; thereby leaving you to simply chill.

The CNC engraving machine has played a monumental role in making beautiful 3D and 2D paintings out of various hard and rough materials. These machines are a true life saver for many artists who can now make beautiful sculptures at home. So why not buy them today from Omni Tech?


Laser Metal Cutters – Piercing through Metals like Never Before

Laser metal cutters, as the name suggests, is effective in cutting several metals like carbon steel, mild steel and stainless steel easily. However, in order to ensure high-end performance, you should buy superior quality laser metal cutting machine. This is where the wonder machines from Omni Tech could help you out. The Chinese company provides efficient and durable laser metal cutting machines of varied configurations, good enough for use by different industries.

Applications of Laser Metal Cutters 

Metals are not the easiest things to cut through, but with the invention of laser metal cutters it can now be done very easily. CNC laser metal cutter is by far one of the most popular ones, as it finds many takers for stone engraving, textile cutting and sign making among other applications. Here are some of the designed carved out with laser metal cutters: -

Cutting metal has not only become easier but also much more precise. Thick sheets of stainless steel can be used to carve out magnificent artistic furniture such as the one in the above picture.Alarge number of cuttings in various shapes at exact measurements bring out a mystic elegance to this work. 

Moving over, the decorative entrance to the lift in the image above is simply breathtaking. This shows the extent to which we can use laser metal cutters in the industry. The intricate design of this abstract concept is glaring out of this picture. Ideally, if this had to be hand crafted then it probably it would have taken several months if not years to complete but with metal laser cutting technology this can be done in only a few days.

From complex 2D designs to beautiful 3D sculptures or machines laser metal cutters and do it all. Given the complexity of the piece in the above picture it would have been very difficult to make this using primary technique. CNC laser metal cutter can easily make such high level detailed tasks in very less time.

Many designing companies are investing in this machine, as it saves lot of time, and delivers highly accurate results with comparably lesser work force. The CNC metal laser cutter is easily available in the market at a relatively cheap price. So don’t wait anymore, grab your metal laser cutter and start building your own masterpiece.Perhaps, it is even better if you approach Omni Tech, the leading manufacturer of CNC routers.


3D CNC Routers – Helping Artists Carve Out Mesmeric Images Out Of Lifeless Surfaces

Of late, CNC Routers have gained immense prominence for numerous features and facilities they accompany. These computer controlled machines are not only adept at carving their way out through wood and stones but also at giving birth to some masterpieces that shock the world.  The life-like designs carved by these machines appear to have infused life in those non-living creations, just to amaze one and all.Hence, if you want 3d art or art in relief form, CNC router by Omni-CNC is the best option to try out.

Dimensional Dedication

A 3d carving is indeed an object of beauty, irrespective of where you place it. The onlookers and even the clients could just not resist getting inclined towards such three-dimensional designs and keep craving for more. In order to satiate this hunger, Omni-CNC has a wide range of 3d CNC Routers whose spindles rotate to carve out designs in additional axes along with the traditional three. You know how life-like 3d products are; the designs made by these routers are equally lively.

Send Some Relief

If 3d carving is not attractive enough for you and you are more addicted to the figurines that feature on some old temple walls in the Western world, even then, the CNC Router won’t disappoint you.The art forms in those temples follow high relief technique which can be easily achieved by the routers. In high relief, some special portions of the figurines pop out from the background and an effect is created which shows the difference between the two layers.

Photo is from CNC Wood carving, fb.com/cncw00dcarving 

This picture is an example of a suave technique where you can see the roof is popping outabove the heads of the carved out figures of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. You can use the versatile CNC Router of automatic tool changer type which leverages the intaglio method (which is opposite of carving) to produce relief sculptures with great ease and precision.