Laser Metal Cutters – Piercing through Metals like Never Before

Laser metal cutters, as the name suggests, is effective in cutting several metals like carbon steel, mild steel and stainless steel easily. However, in order to ensure high-end performance, you should buy superior quality laser metal cutting machine. This is where the wonder machines from Omni Tech could help you out. The Chinese company provides efficient and durable laser metal cutting machines of varied configurations, good enough for use by different industries.

Applications of Laser Metal Cutters 

Metals are not the easiest things to cut through, but with the invention of laser metal cutters it can now be done very easily. CNC laser metal cutter is by far one of the most popular ones, as it finds many takers for stone engraving, textile cutting and sign making among other applications. Here are some of the designed carved out with laser metal cutters: -

Cutting metal has not only become easier but also much more precise. Thick sheets of stainless steel can be used to carve out magnificent artistic furniture such as the one in the above picture.Alarge number of cuttings in various shapes at exact measurements bring out a mystic elegance to this work. 

Moving over, the decorative entrance to the lift in the image above is simply breathtaking. This shows the extent to which we can use laser metal cutters in the industry. The intricate design of this abstract concept is glaring out of this picture. Ideally, if this had to be hand crafted then it probably it would have taken several months if not years to complete but with metal laser cutting technology this can be done in only a few days.

From complex 2D designs to beautiful 3D sculptures or machines laser metal cutters and do it all. Given the complexity of the piece in the above picture it would have been very difficult to make this using primary technique. CNC laser metal cutter can easily make such high level detailed tasks in very less time.

Many designing companies are investing in this machine, as it saves lot of time, and delivers highly accurate results with comparably lesser work force. The CNC metal laser cutter is easily available in the market at a relatively cheap price. So don’t wait anymore, grab your metal laser cutter and start building your own masterpiece.Perhaps, it is even better if you approach Omni Tech, the leading manufacturer of CNC routers.


3D CNC Routers – Helping Artists Carve Out Mesmeric Images Out Of Lifeless Surfaces

Of late, CNC Routers have gained immense prominence for numerous features and facilities they accompany. These computer controlled machines are not only adept at carving their way out through wood and stones but also at giving birth to some masterpieces that shock the world.  The life-like designs carved by these machines appear to have infused life in those non-living creations, just to amaze one and all.Hence, if you want 3d art or art in relief form, CNC router by Omni-CNC is the best option to try out.

Dimensional Dedication

A 3d carving is indeed an object of beauty, irrespective of where you place it. The onlookers and even the clients could just not resist getting inclined towards such three-dimensional designs and keep craving for more. In order to satiate this hunger, Omni-CNC has a wide range of 3d CNC Routers whose spindles rotate to carve out designs in additional axes along with the traditional three. You know how life-like 3d products are; the designs made by these routers are equally lively.

Send Some Relief

If 3d carving is not attractive enough for you and you are more addicted to the figurines that feature on some old temple walls in the Western world, even then, the CNC Router won’t disappoint you.The art forms in those temples follow high relief technique which can be easily achieved by the routers. In high relief, some special portions of the figurines pop out from the background and an effect is created which shows the difference between the two layers.

This picture is an example of a suave technique where you can see the roof is popping outabove the heads of the carved out figures of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. You can use the versatile CNC Router of automatic tool changer type which leverages the intaglio method (which is opposite of carving) to produce relief sculptures with great ease and precision.


Transform Your Living Room With Water Jet Cutting Machine China

Water jet technology has turned it more resourceful to create gradually more complex tile medallions for business office and extravagant homeowner. This innovative technology is capable to cut a variety of industrial materials and entails a high stream of water which can cut any material right from titanium to ceramics. When it comes to cut specific materials that are hard to cut with blades and lasers,the Water Jet Cutting Machine China proves to be an excellent tool. 

 Benefits of Water Jet Cutting Machine

Water Jet Cutting machine does not interfere with the features of the material that need to becut. Due to this, the integrity of materials does not affect at all. Furthermore, the material that is cut transforms into perfect and accurate cuts providing the most refined and flawless edges. Besides milling and drilling organizations that utilize glass and marble, almost all other sector, prefer this machine for intricate cutting. 

Application of Water Jet Cutting Machine China to Décor Living Room

These days water jet cutting machine has become the top most choice among the homeowners to transform the décor of their living room. Even when the surface is not big, it may be an ideal option to high traffic zones and decorative alternatives for small spaces. Given below are some of the ideas that you may consider to apply the water jet cutting machines in different ways:

•   Stone carpet on the floor
•   On the wall of the bathroom
•   On the bottom of the tub or shower
•   Just like “Rugs”
•   At the bottom of your pool
•   Medallions and wood
•   At the ceilings
•   In kitchen, at the backsplash for gas stove
•   At the fireplace back splash
•   Private entryways 

To conclude, with this highly effective tool, you may experience the highest degree of speed and accuracy in the manufacturing process. 


Engrave Your Impression with China Laser Cutting Machine

Omni CNC, a leading manufacturer of CNC routers brings to you china laser cutting machine with the latest technology embedded in these routers. Being in this business for close to a decade now, it has designed these machines by keeping the customer experience as a priority. Its research department continuously strives to improve the routers with modern technology and state of the art design. Many manufacturing sectors like marine, aviation, automotive, plastics etc. have benefited from its best in class products.

The Chinese Laser

China laser cutting machine uses a laser to cut through different materials and is suited best for industrial manufacturing applications. The laser beam is guided by a motion control system that follows a CNC code to cut or engrave the required pattern. Once the laser beam is focused on the material it then melts or vaporizes it away. Since cutting through laser is a non-contact process, the machine makes it easier to achieve a high-quality surface finish. A slight change in power setting supports engravings as well.


This machine can cut through both metal and non-metal materials. A few of its applications include 
markings, fabrication of textiles, engravings, and cutting. The laser can cut or engrave through a variety of materials like leather, acrylic, wood, fabric, glass, plastic and may more with high speed and accuracy. If your work revolves around any of these materials, then China laser cutting machine is the right choice for your business. For cutting metals like silver, copper, steel etc., our Fiber Laser Cutting Machine would be your right choice. It finds an extensive use in making kitchenware, mechanical parts, sheet metal processing etc.

To sum up, China laser cutting machine is an efficient CNC machine that will compliment your industrial business. Embedded with the latest technology and design these machines are the best to add wings to your business.


How Mosaic Tile Application of Glass Cutting Router CNC Machine happens?

Are you fond of the mosaic design of the tiles? Is it that seeing a mosaic tile, the thought of their creation crosses your mind instantly? If yes, the Router CNC machine is just for you. This machine finds widespread application across various industries to cut glass, ceramic, metal, marble, mosaic tiles, and so on. Specifically, companies operating into the business of tile making prefer using this machine to produce appealing mosaic tiles. Here is more on the role of glass Cutting Router CNC Machine in mosaic tile application. 

About Mosaic

Mosaic is a marvelous piece of craft, used in tiles for flooring purpose. One can create mosaic tiles from various elements, including glass. For companies specializing in producing glass mosaic tiles, glass cutting router CNC machine remains the first choice. It performs the cutting process with ease, but without the human helping hands and their dedication, this process would not have been possible. 

The Process

•  To start with, the workers use pencil cutters with diamonds on their tip to cut the glasses in slabs. 
•  They apply variety of colors through machines.
•  These colored glass slabs are kept on the glass cutting machines to get pieces of the desired shapes and sizes.
•  The pieces are sorted out and given the form of the tiles (in variety of shapes).

About The Machine

The glass cutting machine can cut the glass as well as other materials like marble, ceramic, mosaic, etc. into required shapes, whether straight, diagonal or circular. It can cut thin material between 1-4mm very precisely, with the help of z-axis set device, which is quite capable of cutting thick materials like glass. It supports as many as 12 pieces of cutting head for high production efficiency and uses sensor to avoid the cutting head from getting damaged in the wake of badly positioned, absent or broken glass sheet. Besides, the use of CNC waterjet glass mosaic tile cutting machine is also prevalent among industries as it can cut almost every type of glass up to 12 cm thickness.

A glass cutting router CNC machine is instrumental in shaping up attractive mosaic tiles that increment the zenith of your place. Besides, this machine finds its use in a range of other applications as well.